CKEditor wrapper - problem with ValueChangeListener

We have a problem with the value change functionality of the CKEditor wrapper addon:

We added a ValueChangeListener to a CKEditorTextField. If we type in some text into the editor and leave the editor with TAB the value change event is not fired. The value change event is only fired if the editor is in souce mode. We use version 7.9.5 and Vaadin 7.3.6.

Just opened a ticket in the ckeditor wrapper bugtracker:

Anybody else having the same or a similar problem?


Per that issue 43, the response is:

The complete CKEditor is not a simple input element (it’s a rather huge javascript application after all), so there are some oddities when using it like a simple input field on a Vaadin form. A blur event is not a value change event, even though it’s possible it will be triggered if the editor itself emits a value changed event, which may be the difference between the two modes when pressing TAB.

CKEditor itself has some support for changes related to the wysiwyg editor, but they are not present for the source mode because every character typed would result in a change event.

In general, the correct solution for getting a value change is to have a button, or use the vaadin-save plugin button. These are actions to save the contents of the editor, and they generally work fine.

You can probably add a blur event if you want changes just because they left the editor focus. But losing focus by itself is not supposed to trigger a value change, though it may if the editor itself emits a change event. Tying the two event systems has been “fun.”

Lastly, as it this bug does not impact us, we are not likely to devote time to investigate it further. But if you can find the issue in the code, we’ll be happy to apply the patch to everyone’s benefit.


many thanks for your detailed and quick response to the problem.
We will try out the vaadin-save plugin for saving the contents of the editor.