CKEditor for Vaadin 1.6.0 is available in the directory

Thanks again to Stefan who has contributed the code for the last two releases, including fixing the 100% height problem that CKEditor itself does not support.

It’s available in
Google Code
as well as the

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1.6.0 (8 December 2011)

  • Updated the sample application to show the 100% height fixed by Stefan.
    *** All of the following feature upgrades in this release were contributed by Stefan Meißner, davengo GmbH (Thanks again!) ***
  • Correct sizing of the component using component.setWidth(…, …) and component.setHeight(…, …).
    Vaadin layouts do all the calculations of 100% height and widths and so on and give you the correct sizes.
  • Adds the width and the height to the inPage configuration, if it is not set yet so the component is rendered
    immediately with the correct height and width. To get around scrollbars which can appear because of borders and margins
    within css, the overflow of the components root element is now set to HIDDEN.
  • Added dynamic loading of the (300kb) ckeditor.js file to your component. ckeditor.js will now only get loaded when the
    first CKEditorTextField is rendered. this saves traffic and time when the vaadin app is loaded.
  • Added support for fullPage (config)
  • Added support for protectedBody: sets contenteditable=false on the body element of the wysiwyg editor.
    Only parts of the document can be changed. e.g.
    change me


I would like to create my own plugin.

Where I have to put my plugin.js files? Does I have to update widget or I can put directly into my vaadin application?