CheckboxGroup problems with new build system (Vaadin 24.1.0)

Hi Vaadins,
since upgrading to 24.1.0 CheckboxGroup are not working anymore in production builds:

  • CheckboxGroupVariant.LUMO_VERTICAL ignored
  • SelectionListener not called
  • Labels not visible

Configuring the vaadin-maven-plugin with <forceProductionBuild>true</forceProductionBuild> build is slow but everything works as before. See Screenshot 1.

Setting <forceProductionBuild>false</forceProductionBuild> yields to the problems. No Labels, no theme variant, no listener called. See Screenshot 2.

Is this behaviour intentional? What am I doing wrong? It unsettles me to see different behaviour locally and in PROD. To be honest, this problem I describe, was only visible in PROD after autoupdate Vaadin. :frowning_with_open_mouth:

Any ideas?

Sounds like a problem in the newly introduced prod-bundle.

The client side of the Vaadin checkbox group does not seem to be included.

Thank you @faithful-emu . And how can i include it? Shouldn’t it be inserted automatically by the build system?

Yes it should. Do you use it dynamically or just the 'normal " way?

I use it via Maven and just updated my Maven config to match the new one from

            <!-- Production mode is activated using -Pproduction -->
                <!-- Exclude development dependencies from production -->
                            <!-- To always force an optimized production bundle build set this configuration to 'true' -->
                            <!-- To possibly use the pre-compiled production bundle remove or set to 'false' -->
                            <!-- See -->

Note: I put in the forceProductionBuild just in order to have a working backup mechanism.

And in the non-profile block there is the call to prepare-frontend

Problem is within the prod bundle creation. I create a ticket in the Platform repo about it.

Ok. Thank you. Then I will leave it like it is for the time being. Could you send me the link to the issue later?

The fix works btw. Thank you.