CheckBox caption position in FormLayout (Vaadin 7)

Hi everybody.

I have a problem with the FormLayout and the CheckBox component. I want to use the FormLayout to generate a form for the user. This means I want to have all options in the form (Textinput, Numberinput, Options…) aligned by the Formlayout with the caption to the left and the input to the right.

This works well with other components but not with CheckBox. It always places its caption to the right of the Box, which breaks the visual order of my form.

I found an old Issue in this forum from about 4 years ago
but the solutions are given for Vaadin 6 (or older?) and do not apply to the current Vaadin structure.

Can somebody please give me a hint on how to realize this in Vaadin 7, if possible without recreating the whole CheckBox widget.

Thanks in advance