Check boxes not working sometimes

We got a severe problem with checkboxes.
In some rare cases, all checkboxes in our application refuse to change their check state when clicking them.
We currently have no idea why.

A similar problem is faced sometimes with the Upload button of the Upload control. The button also sometimes does not react on clicks (no file open dialog displayed), while DND files is still working and triggering the upload.

Anybody has an idea what could cause this, or where in the vaadin frontend code we could start debugging?
Could a full local storage cause this?

Do you see any errors in the browser devtools when it happens? How have you defined the fields?

No errors in deevtools, definition is default

firstRowContainsColumnNames = new Checkbox(getTranslation(“LNG.CSV_QUERY.first_row_contains_column_names”));
firstRowContainsColumnNames.addValueChangeListener(e → {
if (e.isFromClient()) {