Check box is not getting selected if we select value from datepicker

Hello Team,Im using V23, i have issue with checkbox and datepicker please refer the video,if i select value from the datepicker checkbox is not getting selected ,the checkbox is getting selected if

  1. i click inside datepicker date showing area
  2. i try to clear selected value by clicking on cross mark

Im sharing code please help me if possible

    DatePicker todaysDate = makePicker("DATE", "Earliest");
    Checkbox checkbox = new Checkbox();
    checkbox.setLabel("Date Selected");
        if(e.getValue()!= null) {

Please refer video so you can understand the issue

I don’t fully understand your use case

But the value change listener is only fired when the value is changed not when clicked

Can you please suggest me any other listener which is suitable for above situation

What exactly do you want to do?

The problem is probably related to the fact that the value change isn’t throw immediately but instead on blur if I’m not mistaking

Sir if you have watched the video you can see that when i click on date picker icon and i select the date but checkbox is not getting checked even the control is going inside Value change listner but check box is not getting checked i did not able to find out why is it happing

I want checkbox should gets checked automatically when i pick the value from date picker

As @quirky-zebra said this is because of the behavior of the component

Is there any solution for it?

Thank you so much for your help will try and let you know :grinning: