Cheat Sheet for Vaadin 7 available

The Vaadin 7 Cheat Sheet is now available
. It is actually 7.1 compatible, as it mentions the Calendar component that will be included in the the core framework, and a push-related method.

Check it out and please, make any comments if you have hany suggestions and especially if you find errors. The card gets minor improvements whenever possible.

We are sending a laminated version of the card with customer packages to new customers. but you should be able to laminate them easily yourself. I personally prefer matt laminate sleeves, as they are somehow nicer than the regular glossy ones, although a bit more expensive.

Note that it is
A4 size
, as that is what our printer spews out.

We will also have a Vaadin 7 DZone Refcard available at some point in near future, probably around June. If you are not satisfied with the PDF, you may be able to get cardboard cards from some conferences where we attend, or buy them directly from DZone.

The link gives me a 404

Me too.