Charts performance degradation after switching to 19.0.2+

I have a project under Vaadin 14.8.17 +SpringBoot.
I built a quite complex stock chart - timeline, three yAxes, OHLC bars, Volume + several series of my own indicators.
It renders relatively quick, about one second to query ~3000 points and draw back to client.

As described in migration guide I switched in maven pom to 19.0.2 version of charts, to use some new features.
Now i’m able to use client-side events such as Highcharts.load(…) etc., which are suddenly not available(why?) with built-in version.

Then I noticed that the same data began to draw about 3-4 slower, compare to the bundled version of vaadin-charts.

In general, rendering is very slow even when use chart.drawChart(false) method.

Where to see and where the reason of performance degradation may lay?

Thanks in advance.

Do you see the same problem with Vaadin 23.2? Vaadin 19 is no longer maintained, so if there are any issues we’d need to get them fixed in 23.2.

That said, I haven’t heard anyone else mention a degradation in performance

Thanks for the answer, Marcus.
Probably there is some misunderstanding.
I still use vaadin-14 but with dependency of vaadin-charts 19.
This is the link to documentation.
CSS-style mode is in use.
I tried to compile it with newer versions of vaadin-flow-charts ,20 and 21, but with the same results.
with vaadin-charts-23 it failed to compile at all because of many break-changes.

Are you able to upgrade the whole app to 23? Using different framework and charts versions is not usually recommended

I wish I could :slightly_smiling_face:
I don’t know what would be faster - either build with 23 entirely or switch to 3rd party chart lib.

BTW, is it possible to use Highcharts Stockchart Tools in vaadin-flow-charts-23?
I saw the same request in vaadin forum some time ago.

What are the features in Vaadin 19 charts that you need and aren’t available in 14?

I need StockChart Tools package, which is available in Highcharts v8, but I didn’t find a way to access it with vaadin-flow-chart-14