Charts 3.2.0, SVGGenerator & batik compatibility

i actually use Charts 3.1.0, PhantomJS 2.1.1 and batik 1.9.0 (compiled with java 1.8) to transcode svg to png and jpg. It works very well. If i switch to Charts 3.2.0 batik transcoding fails without exceptions - the images are either blank or white.
SVG-String produced with SVGGenerator 3.2.0 is slightly different from SVG-String produced with SVGGenerator 3.1.0. Is this problem already known?

This seems to be related to!/thread/13355456 which has an open issue
And which seems to be a duplicate.
Have you tried phantom 1.9.8 as a workaround? It’s suggested in the forum thread.

Thanks for the hint but the downgrade of phantom version is not an option for me. If the combination of phantom 2.2.1 and svg-generator 3.1.0 works, then the problem is in svg-generator 3.2.0. seems to be my problem to.

I added a comment to the github issue #351, basically the problem is related to a version upgrade in the underlying charting library that
broke batik compatibility