Chart - SVG Generator, any alternative?

Hi all,

I have been working with Vaadin charts during this week and I found a problem that I cannot solve. I need to send several charts to a PDF generation (using iTextpdf) and I could do it using SVGGenerator. The main problem is I cannot use this solution because the final laptop doesn’t allow any installation, and Phantomjs is required for SVG Generator. I tried to find a different solution to convert the chart content into file or buffer that I can manage, but I whink I have been reading so much posts and I am not able to distinguish the solution.

So, I will try to clarify basic questions first:

a) Is it possible to manage SVG Generator without any installation in the final laptop?
b) If not, is there a different way to convert a chart into an object which class could be managed to insert it into a PDF? I don’t mean directly, I refer to a class I could use to transform the content or something like that.

I can assure you I tried to read all documentation in this forum related to this topic but I couldn’t find any solution. I don’t want to seem lazy, I only want to avoid spending more time and clarify the maining pre-conditions to solve this issue.

thanks in advance for your time and effort.

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With plain Java this could in theory be solved with Rhino based solution, but it was ditched earlier by Highsoft due to its performance. Now, at Java 8 era, if I only had some time, I’d love to try to implement the feature with the new Nashhorn script engine. If should be really fast and portable, and most essentially, doesn’t require anything else but Java 8.