Changing Vaadin Application on the fly.

I wrote an application using Vaadin.
Sometimes users want minor changes in the apprence of data and I prefer to do such changes without modifyng my code.
Is there any scripting language I can invoke at runtime, able to change the way how data are shown ?
I thought to Groovy but the add-on I found seems to be able to build a new application but I didn’t unserstand if it’s able also to change an application on the fly.
Any suggestion ?

Could you post some examples of the processing? What should be changed, and how?

I don’t know, a priori, what should be changed.
Users may want to change the apparence of pages, the layout, the field location ans so on.

It sounds like you are searching for a CMS, like Magnolia, or a more limited product such as Liferay. As Vaadin wasn’t built for that kind of use, what you are suggesting will be quite difficult to achieve.

There are a few add-ons that allow for dynamic UIs, but they all work on a specific subset of components (such as PortalLayout) or are experimental (like Clara). Besides, you always have to allow the user to be able to change something in code; there is no such thing as universal modifiability, in any product.

Can you give us more details about what you are trying to build? That would help us suggest alternative technologies, or help implement the functionality with Vaadin.

I’m not looking for an universal modifiability but simply rearrange fields in my forms.
I don’t need any Portal technology but a scripting language able to sodify the apparence of my form : CSS does some part of the job code (like groovy) may do the other part.
I’m looking for such soluntion.
I thought to Javascript but it’s quite “rudimental”.

Vaadin visual editor does allow reorganizing layouts by drag and drop.

The default back-end in the Eclipse plug-in interacts with a Java code generator and parser but it would be possible to replace the back-end with something mapping the visual editor internal model to some other representation that your application would use. However, while the editor is structured so that it could support this, this is not a small task and at least I don’t have that much time to help with that.

The source code can be found
(the Eclipse plug-in is in the parent directory of that directory) and there are some older forum threads about adapting the visual editor for other IDEs.

I was not clear, may be.
I want to do this at runtime, without modifing the code.

With the visual editor code, it is at least in theory possible to do an in-application form designer, although that would require significant effort in any case and be quite tricky if live data is to be used.

Probably using
directly (it is also used by the visual editor) would be simpler, though.

I don’t need a such strong funtionality, I simply need a “scripting language” (groovy?, javascript ? something else ?) .
With such language, able to change the UI, the user can write a “customization file” and the code (my code) can execute it in some predefined points (eg. before showing the page) in order to apply the customization.

No further help ?

I see no reason why it wouldn’t be possible to use a scripting language to dynamically create/modify a view.

However, I’ve not seen anyone do it, and I have no experience with using groovy/jruby/etc with Vaadin.

There are projects/articles about creating an entire Vaadin application with a different JVM language e.g.

I’ve not seen any examples of Java & a dynamic language interacting in a Vaadin app, but I’m sure it’s a case of just getting on and, well, doing it.