Changing the v-panel content to remove scroll

I have found where the problem is for a vaadin panel that creates a scrollable option when the size of the component is changed. My panel style name is called “panelBack” and i am trying to figure out how to change the content and set overflow:hidden .

Here is my current CSS:

.v-panel-panelBack .v-panel-content{

This does not work, how do i override the overflow:auto currently being used by panel content? Any clues

Not sure what you are trying to do, but the idea of Panel is that it shows scrollbars when needed. Other core Vaadin layouts (e.g. VerticalLayout) just cut the content and scrollbars aren’t shown.

Henri, Thanks for the reply

I understand that the vaadin panel component resizes and “grows” automatically and when neccessary, what i have instead is a panel that when the border-style:solid is set amongst other things shows the scrollable option. To remove this i was told to add the overflow:hidden property in the content of the panel. My question is how do i modify or better yet what is the exact CSS class i need to modify in order to set the overflow and remove the scrollable option while keeping the border-style?