Changing default hover opacity

Hello, I would like to change the default opacity when hovering over a button (for all buttons in the project). I found the following style definition in the button style (see screenshot), but I cannot manage to adapt this style within the styles of my custom theme.

Did you check the styling documentation?

Yes, I have seen that but I still did not manage to override the style

alright, do you have a stylesheet for the button component?

as described e.g. here:

actually better instructions here :

Yeah thanks, that was helpful :slightly_smiling_face: I thought it is also possible to override the style with a global CSS file

it is, actually, in this case:

vaadin-button[theme~="primary"]:hover::before {...}

that should work too

No i tried that, doesn’t work

But nevermind, the solution with the component CSS is cleaner anyway

hmm, just out of curiosity, where did you put that global css that didn’t work?

in the styles.css of my theme

hmm, that should work then – just tested and it works for me :person_shrugging: