Changing code and automatically restart application

Hi all,

This is my first post and I would like to thank you for Vaadin!

When I run debug or run on server everything works fine.
If later on I change any part of my code (e.g.: a string of a label) I still see the old application code.
I’m not talking about hot code replacement.

I’ve tried cleaning Tomcat server, cleaning the project, cleaning and rebuilding everything, restarting Eclipse, Tomcat autoreload on/off, Tomcat autopublish on/off…
Sometimes it also happens that it doesn’t find some referenced libraries that were working just few moments before.

Where am I wrong? Are there any settings to change in the configuration?
I cannot be productive, I am losing a lot of time working this way.
I’m using Vaadin+Tomcat and my IDE is Eclipse…

Any help would be appreciated,

appending ?restartApplication to the URL.

Is there a way to have the application automatically restarted (instead of manually appending the string “?restartApplication”?)

It is the Eclipse WTP server integration that decides which URL to open etc. - not the application.

Then again, once you have entered the ?restartApplication at the end of the URL, you can simply reload the page - at least I always keep the application open in a separate browser window instead of Eclipse, and keep the browser window open also across Tomcat restarts etc. so it is enough to refresh the page.

In theory, it should be possible to tweak the functionality in a subclass of AbstractApplicationServlet so that it would restart the application on every page reload, but then it would in my opinion be too easy to forget this setting on when going into production.