changing checkbox value without firing ValueChangeListeners

I would like to change the value of checkbox without firing the ValueChangeListeners.

Didn’t see anything obvious in the api. Possible? If yes, how?


Sorry, meant to say that you have to remove the value change listeners before setting the value (using setValue()) if you don’t want them to fire. Another option is to use a flag in your class and keep track of if you should react to the value change event or not

I can’t see any way to enumerate the listeners in checkbox, so remove-before-add-after is not an option.

So, there’s no built in way to do this. :frowning:

Nope, changing the value will change the value, thus triggering the ValueChange listeners.

You will have to do some coding; exactly what would be appripriate depends on your particular case.
Perhaps you could extend CheckBox and use setInternalValue()? Something like

class MyCheckBox extends CheckBox {
        public void setValueSeceretly(boolean value) {
            this.setInternalValue(new Boolean(value));

…though I have not tried it…

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Seems to work.

public void setValueSecretly(Object newValue)

Thanks for pointing that out.