Changes are not reflected immediately...

Hi All,

I have configured my dev environment with eclipse. Whenever i made changes in my code, i need to republish my changes into webserver manually.

Once this is done, if i refresh on the browser still my changes are not reflected. I suspect some cache problem.

Could any one help me on this? This slow down my development speed.

Thamizharasu S

Have you tried to add ?restartApplication get parameter to your url?


No. I have not added any extra parameter. my URL would be http://localhost:8080/MainApplication

Thamizharasu S

Please try http://localhost:8080/MainApplication/?restartApplication


I am including, only for development, a button to reload application: getApplication.close(). Then the new uploaded application is effectively reloaded.


Ok then the problem isn’t probably related to Vaadin, but for some reason your development environment does not publish the changes you are making in eclipse to your application server. Without knowing the details of your development environment it is quite hard to guess what is the problem.

In order to resolve the problem, I would try to create a new project and see if the deployment cycle works there. If not, try a new eclipse + application server install and see if you get it working. When you have a working environment, try to compare it to your current environment.