Changed css for my Theme but does not take effect

I changed my css file in VAADIN/themes/touchkit/styles.css but it does not take effect in the browser (also looked in the DOM with the browser tools if the change is there in the css file).
Somehow I got one change working but not after anymore. I work with Netbeans and do Clean & Build.
Also do Build with Dependencies. And also tried Compile Widgetset and Theme. Then start the weberver and deploy.

Is there a trick to it?

Any help most appreciated… Thanks!

In many cases, the browser caches the CSS files very agressively. Try clearing your cahce, a couple of force refreshes, or open the app in incognito mode.

If you’re trying to change the theme for a TouchKit application, they you need to use the GWT way, ClientBundle. The TouchKitServlet will just serve an empty file for the default Vaadin theme location.

This is because TouchKit tries to optimize the initial load sequence of the application as much as possible, and bundles the theme with the JavaScript of the application, hence requiring one less HTTP request.