change vaadin icon.

I have a problems. How change vaadin default icon on browser. if any one can , please share.

According to your printscreen you want to change the favicon of I see no reason for that and I guess that you rather want to change the favicon of your own application.

The easiest way to do so, is to replace the favicon.ico file, which is in the root of your theme folder (e.g. VAADIN/themes/reindeer/favicon.ico).

Actually it will be my porject print screen. i change my image.


It makes now much more sense. To change your application favicon, read my previous post and let me know if you need any more help.

To be more exact, you don’t want to modify the Reindeer theme itself, instead you should create your own theme that extends Reindeer (or other core Vaadin theme) and add the icon there. For more information about themes, take a look at the
Book of Vaadin

Henri you are absolutely right. I just pointed out the easiest way for him. Your solution is proper and clean! No doubt about that.

Thans to all. I done it correctly.

Probably a similar issue as here:!/thread/8694781