Change the renderer for auto creation columns of Gird component

According to the github issue

Do we now have a better solution in Vaadin v14 that can change the renderer for a existing column(auto created by the Grid component)?

I mean there are for example 10 columns created for the bean automatically, but I would like to user my own rendere for one of them, but I don’t wnat to manually create all of them by addCoulmn().

If you are okay with the modified column being the last column, you could remove that column and re-add it with your own renderer.
Else you could still do it the same way but in the end you call grid.setColumnOrder(orderedColumnList).
I agree with you that there should be an option to just re-set the renderer of a column without recreating it. In your linked github issue it seems they implemented that in Vaadin 8, but forgot to do it also for Vaadin flow? You could ask in that issue if this setRenderer method is also coming to Vaadin Flow.