Change splitpanel container color

Hi all,

I am trying to change the color of the first component of a Vertical Split Panel.

When I do it directly like this:


it works, but that only allows me to set colors black, blue or white.

I am trying to accomplish this with CSS but I am not beeing able to do so.
This is my code:

	background: f29d49;

I also tried with:

	background: f29d49;
	color: f29d49;
	background-color: f29d49;

And then of course I tried to set this from the code like this:


But it is not working…
It is something that I am missing?

Thanks in advance!


You need to add the “newColor” style name to the split panel and not to the contained component inside it. The methods getFirstComponent and getSecondComponent return the contained components.