Change row style in Grid after data already loaded&displayed?

We have a view with many grids on it.
On top of all gridthe view, we have a button to “mark” rows which match a certain criteria.
The idea is, that the user can click on that button and then all rows which match the criteria receive a red border.

Usually I would do this with the row style generator, but this one is only triggered/executed when the rows are initially built/displayed.
Any ideas how to update the row style after the data was already loaded&displayed?

Just a guess: if you call refresh on those items in the data provider, the generator should be triggered again… if not… I would argue this could be a bug

Yes, that works, but i was wondering if it’s possible to update already rendered rows as they are expensive to retrieve and render

I don’t think there is another mechanism for this except refresh, but refreshing single row (s) (not all) should be kinda cheap if I remember correctly