Change Font in Label with CONTENT_PREFORMATTED

Hello Guys,

i think the question is simple, but i didnt figured out how i can do that. I have a Label with preformatted Content and i wanted to switch the fixed typewriter Font with something “good looking” . Ive tried a CSS-Style but it dont work with font, or font family.

When i try another Content Mode like “XHTML” oder “TEXT” i loose my formatted SSH Output, so i dont want it, i just want to switch the FONT in PREFORMATTED_MODE.

Does anybody knows how to do that?

Many Thanks in Advance.

have a nice day !



changing the font with CSS should work. Do note that the preformatted mode adds a “pre” element into the label, so you should target it with something like this:

.yourLabelStyleName pre {
   font-family: ...;