Change focused table background

Hello everyone!

I use latest version of Vaadin 6.
Is there any way, how to change table background when user focuses the table by TAB key? I have some TextFields with Tables in GridLayout, and when I focus some TextField, it changes its background because of this CSS definition:

.v-textfield-focus {
    background-color: rgb(255, 252, 225);

I have tried to get same behaviour with vaadin Table with .v-table-focus and .v-table-body-focus but this seems to not work. Also I have tried to use focus event to change Table backgroud, but Table IMHO don’t produce any events when user focuses it. It only produces event, when it is not empty, and user focuses one of the rows, but this it not usable at all for me…

Is there any way, how to achieve this goal?

The only focus class that is added to the table seems to be .v-table-focus on the focused row, but no class is added for the whole table.

enhancement ticket
about this would be great, if you really need it.