chameleon theme


Simple question - how do I customize a chameleon theme? Do I add a folder called ‘chameleon-blue’ if I am using that them with a styles.css? Do I need an import?

I checked on the forums but didn’t see any advice anywhere…




Create your own theme that extends the ‘chameleon-blue’ theme. I.e. create a folder ‘mytheme’ and create a styles.css file that contains line:

@import url(../chameleon-blue/styles.css);


OK, great, thanks!


I’m trying to override the chameleon template by using the @import in a style.css that I’ve created.

Unfortunately, while running grails, as my template is recognized, it looks like the import and all the /img resources are not available.
In the .war I only have my template and not the rest of the chameleon’s resources.

Thanks for your help

Regards from france

The sources of the Chameleon theme should not be in the WAR on their own, but either in vaadin*.jar (if using a version that includes the Chameleon theme) or in the separate Chameleon theme JAR (if using an older Vaadin version and the Chameleon theme add-on). Vaadin servlet should be able to serve those resources directly from the VAADIN/themes/… directory in the JAR (which is in the WAR).

This is the one I used

Actually as I used my custom theme, I can access to those resource but I lost all the other styles that are supposed to be inherited from the chameleon theme.
Could it come from the fact that I’m running with grails?