Chameleon Theme - Table problem


I’m trying out the new chameleon theme and i ran into a rather annoying ‘glitch’ with the Table component. Whenever i click on one of the rows, the ‘selected’ row area will become slightly bigger and “shift” the elements above it slightly upwards (2-3 pixels) and “shift” the elements below slightly downwards (2-3 pixels). When i move the selection with the keyboard, the “shifting” effect does not occur, so this only happens when clicking with the mouse.

The table’s code is quite straightforward,

Table table = new Table();

Some other info :

  • Vaadin 6.4.4, on tomcat6.0.26, tested on latest firefox, opera, and chrome.
  • The “shifting” effect does not occur on the reindeer theme, only chameleon.
  • The online demo at do NOT exhibit the symptoms, very strange.
  • Noticed that i can’t move the selection with the keyboard on the online demo tables.

Any pointers appreciated,


This issue is related to the changes made in Vaadin 6.4 (keyboard support for Table). The Chameleon theme demo runs on an older version, 6.3-something, hence the lack of keyboard navigation and the missing bug.

This has been reported earlier by another user, and a ticker has been created: