Catching HTML from CKEditor

Hello every one
I need to use ckeditor for vaadin 7, After writing and designing text, I need to catch and store the
codes which is gnerated by the CKEditor with all its
design and tags content.
What can I do and what to use?

Have you looked at the add-ons Directory?

Thank you David for quick answer.
I could find that can catch all html codes from the specified page using a java script method and innerhtml of DOM.

What would be good would a new CKEditor add-on using all of the Vaadin 7 JS support directly.

yeah thanks,
But I need to let user (
who does not know any thing about programing
) to store the styled texts as a template to reuse it later, I mean by clicking on the related button it could be done. can I do as you say directly?

Got me on your requirement, but in general, there’s no such thing as auto-saving or restoring and you need to do the save/restore to/from your DB.

Thanks David.