Carousel and Vaadin 8.0

I am trying to use the carousel add-on with 8.0. The widgetset fails to compile with the following error:

The POM for is missing, no dependency information available

Even though the maven repo contains the jar. Any thoughts?

Using STS and Vaadin plugin for Eclipse.

Thanks a lot!

I downloaded the add-on project from github. There was a type conflict (AbstractComponentContainerState is expected in 8.0) while the project uses AbstractComponentState.

Since the former is a pass through for the latter, swapping these two seems a safe bet. It compiled despite the guava warning. If I get it to work with 8.0, I will put a pull request for the change.

Hello, are you managed to get it works with Vaadiin 8. changing the CarouselState to extend AbstractContainerState could fix the problem?

Thanks in advance

No, this simple change did not do the trick. I decided to port the code to Java 8, and remove all the references to xtend. I got it to a point where there was an exception because a parent in the container chain was null or somtehing along those lines.

When I have a little bit more time, I will post my progress/work