Capuccino and Atlas

Hi, guys,

I’ve been reading about this technology Capuccino and it’s IDE Atlas. And I must say I was really impressed. Capuccino is like GWT, a client-side technology, programmed using Objective-J and it’s IDE Atlas, incorporates some very nice concepts, including one called Connections which is the responsible for “glueing” components together.

I really recommend you guys to take a look at the video. It’s very nice.

I just thought: What if, we had a mix between Vaadin and those? Breaking the barriers between client-side and server-side? Would it be good? What do you guys think?


Marcos Alcantara

Sure, we are following Cappucino and Atlas. They look really nice and polished - one of the nicest frameworks programmed with (kind of) JavaScript and run within the browser.

Still, if I would want to be completely on the client-side, my choice would be either GWT, JQuery or Flex - depending on the purpose. As you know - Vaadin is a different game - everything rung in the server-side and programmed in Java (or any other JVM based language). And yes - you can combine server- and client-side by adding client-side bits to Vaadin (with GWT).

Mixing Cappuccino and Vaadin would probably be a bad idea - ending up having too many layers. But surely I would love to see some of the cappuccino widgets re-created - pixel-by-pixel - for Vaadin. Any volunteers? :)