Capturing mouse hovers for help systems

im designing a help system for my vaadin application. What i would like to do is detach help completely from the java code. in order to do this, i need to identify any object the user is hovering over.

what im thinking is that i can use AOP to capture the mouse hovers. That aspect intercepts the hover and that method then executes a method in the help component that tells the help system which component is being hovered over, which in turn pulls the help information from the database and updates the help window. The goal is to do all of this without writing code for each item on the screen so i can have my developers write the app, then my business analysts put help comments in the application completely independently of the code.

How will vaadin react to using spring aop to accomplish this? vaadin is a bit different from everything else and i don’t want to waste my time on anything, so how should i approach developing this?