Caption wrap on link button

I have a link button (style=link) contained in HorizontalLayout which is added to a Panel. The button caption has multiple rows or long size text. Can I make the caption shown in multiple row like a text wrap so that its width can be fixed? I tried to set button width in limit size to make this happen but it doesn’t. How can I do so?

I know Label is good to show HTML text but no way to add click listener onto a Label…

You could try to set the CSS
white-space: normal;
on the

Yes, thanks. Set css white-space: normal can work, however it will make all buttons (no matter link button or other regular buttons) caption in wrap way if text contains blank char.

Can I just apply this style (multiple-row) to link buttons only? I tried to put “white-space: normal” under .v-button-link .v-button-caption tag but it doesn’t work.

To anyone this may help, in my case (Vaadin 7.5.3) the setting had to be done inside v-button-caption.

Then it worked.

Thanks for the tip.