Caption needs more size than TextField


I have a text field which has quite a long caption. The result is that the last letters of the caption are vanishing into the void. I assume that the required size is determind by the size of the text field. What is the recommended way to solve my problem?


What layout is around the field? What width is the field? Code example could help (can’t remember the specs correctly how this should work, if this is even the normal behavior).

The problem is in the VOrderedLayout.
The child container width calculation ignores the caption width if the child component has a fixed width, which this TextField has.

Ah, I see. I guess that’s exactly what the spec says it should do. I see no other option than replace the caption with a normal Label component. Or hack VOrderedLayout, and perhaps request a new feature.

Hi Jouni,

I just wanted to reply that I use GridLayout. I will try with label or set fixed width for the field.