Can't use calendar add-ons


I am working with Vaadin add-ons, and can’t find out the way to use it. Recently I have started with Calendar addon, the information provided along with it is not understandable to me.
Can any show me the way how I can get an calendar into my application??
Or any tutorial regarding that???

The basic Vaadin Calendar user documentation is
included in the Book
. The documentation includes brief installation instructions. For more details regarding the use of add-ons, please refer to the chapter
Using Vaadin Add-ons
in the Book.

There’s also
this video tutorial about Calendar
and some examples

: corrected the tutorial video to one with audio…

There are quite many tutorials and howto’s on the subject.

To understand how to use the addons you should start by reading
Chapter 15
in the Book of Vaadin. It explains the general concepts of downloading and using the addons in your project.

When you have done that then the book also recently gained a chapter about using the Calendar component API. It can be found under
Chapter 16
. It should get you started with the Vaadin Calendar addon.

If the tutorials and examples are not enough and you need more hands-on help with the addons or Vaadin development in general then there is always
Vaadin Pro Support
(*commercial) where the Vaadin guys are always happy to help with your problems.