Can't set Panel background with CSS

After learning the vaadin basics, i’m experimenting a bit with ‘CSS in vaadin’ now.

I tried using my own theme to override certain CSS-selectors and to set the background color inside a panel like this:

[font=Courier New]
@import “…/reindeer/styles.css”;

background: blue;


What i get is a very thin blue border around my panel and the background inside the panel stays unchanged.

I then tried other panel-related collectors like ‘.v-panel-content’ and ‘.v-panel-deco’ without success.

Where’s my mistake ?



The theme for the Reindeer theme panel is a bit more intricate than it looks on the outside. Here’s an explanation from another post:

Basically you need to use a different selector to match the panel content and disable the current white background.

.v-panel-content > div


.v-ie6 .v-panel-content

Now it works fine.

Thanks, Jouni

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Hi all,

Here is what i did in order to successfully modify the background color of a panel :

I took into account these posts :

Setting an image as background of a panel

Can’t set panel background with CSS

Step 1 :
create a folder like : WebContent/VAADIN/themes/eric_theme

Step 2 :
create an empty styles.css file into this new folder

Step 3 :
I disable the current white background and set the newcolor.
So, the following code is added into the new CSS file :

@import "../reindeer/styles.css";

.v-panel-content > div {
   background: transparent;

.v-panel-content {

Step 4 :
in the XXX extends Application class, add : [color=#2b942b]

[/color] Strange thing : if i add panel.addStyleName(“v-panel-content”); the logo image deasappears ! I guess it means all panels will be yellow …

Step 5 :
clean Tomcat + refresh and cleaned the vaadin project in Eclipse


And the background color of the panel can be modified in the java code with the following code :


CSSInject css = new CSSInject();
css.setValue(“.v-panel-content > div { background: transparent; }.v-panel-content { background-color:”+VaadinContext.BANNER_BACKGROUND_COLOR +“; }”);

[/code]You need to add cssinject-1.0.jar with vaadin6