Cant select any item in Table on Touchkit

I have a problem. I try select any item in the Table and it is not selected.
Tested on android device v4.2.x and chrome latest update
It is reproduced on demo site



Verified on 4.X android with chrome. The default android browser and e.g. dolpin browsers works correctly.

I have seen that earlier also, but have been hoping that this would be fixed along the chrome for android develops. Created a
ticket about
this as e.g. Nexus 7 apparently has it as its default browser. There is probably some workaround that we could add to our Table component.


Thank You!


Test - it works in chrome
I assembled test application MobileMail on Vaadin v6.8.6 and TouchKit v2.1.3 and there not working selector in table.

PS: I cleaned all caches and widget sets on server and client