Can't save new rows via Grid

I’ve a Grid with the editor enabled.

        DateField df_tmp = new DateField();
        df_tmp.setConverter(new DateToTimestampConverter());

        Grid g = new Grid();

I’ve a button which adds another row to the grid:

        Button save = new Button("Add");
        save.addClickListener(new Button.ClickListener() {
            public void buttonClick(ClickEvent event) {
                getOverview().editItem(getOverview().addRow(new java.sql.Timestamp(new Date().getTime())));

GetOverview() returns the describe Grid.

As I click this button, a new row is generated and starts automatically in “Edit” mode since addRow() returns the generated ItemId as a parameter to editItem().

I add a new row edited it a little bit and hit save. The problem is that this new data-set never reaches the database even though there is no exception thrown. There are a few things to hold in mind:

  • The Grid doesn’t update any item

It provides each data-set from the table but doesn’t update any of it. It’s changeable without an exception but the changes never reach the database.

  • The UI isn’t updated

As one row is changed and saved, the view remains the same. However, if you edit this data-set again, you’re provided with the updated fields.

  • A commit is made

I’m able to provoke a commit() exception if I don’t use a custom converter for the DateField (df_tmp.setConverter(newDate(...))). So we can suggest that a commit is executed.

  • The primary key is updated via a trigger

Thus I don’t provide a key with addRow().