Cant run a project created by in intellij and as a springgboot app (clicking run)


I am wondering if you guys have faced this wierd problem.

I create a project in

Download and open the project zip file.
And open as new project by pointing pom.xml and choose open as project.

But still i cant run by clicking run button on Application.javaas a springboot apps.
I need to run my application using mvn spring-boot:run in terminal.

I have set a right jdk for the project.

Do you have any idea what happens?

Thanks in advance.

intellij 2024.1.4
openjdk 22.0.1
vaadin pro subscription
Sonoma 14.5

What happens when you click the run button?

It asked me the class to run but it can’t find Application in ../views.Application folder.

I change my openjdk to 21 from 22 and it is recognized as a springboot project. Just realized that start.vaadin only allow to chooce until java 21 when creating a project.

it runs well now.

many thanks.