Cant paste file path in file upload text area!


Quoting from the book of vaadin:

But I cant get hold of this text area! Chrome does not show it at all. Firefox and IE shows it but it’s not editable. In such scenario, if I am to paste the filepath instead of browsing for it, how do I achieve that?

Please help!


Anyone please respond!! May be I am missing something very basic!! Please help me out. I need a solution quickly! :frowning:



If you look at the generated HTML, you will see that the button and textbox is directly provided by the browser in the form of an “”. Different browser render those input fields in different ways - and as such, it is not under Vaadin’s control.

I guess it might be possible to do some client-side javascript magic to allow an editable textbox to update a hidden file input component - but I have no experience of this.

Sorry I have no practical solution for you, but hopefully you understand the issue a little more.