Can't login second time after a logout


I’m facing a strange problem that I couldn’t figure out using Vaadin 6.7.5.

My application has a HomePage that is loaded when it starts. This page has a login button that calls a login subwindow.

After a successful login I remove the login subwindow and set the AuthPage as the content of main window.

The AuthPage has a logout button which has a listener that calls application.close() method and redirects to the homepage again.

The problem that I’m facing is that after I have successfully logout, I can’t login again because clicking in the login button doesn’t show me the login subwindow anymore.

Could someone give some tip to help me discover what I’m doing wrong ?



Is anything displayed on the command line or in the logs ?
Can you run in debug mode and put a breakpoint in the button click listener to know what happens ?
Is your subwindow recreated everytime or is it a static/reused instance ?

Hi Mathias,

No, there is no error in logs that I could see.

I’ve run in debug mode and could see that the button was being properly handled by the listener.

I null the subwindow after login, so it is being created every time.

My only guess is that is something related to ThreadLocal… I’m still investigating…

Just to register…

The problem that I was facing was related to ThreadLocal as I was suspecting. I’ve used the feature of eclipse to create get and set methods for currentApplication attribute, and I’ve messed with setInstance method:

	public void onRequestEnd(HttpServletRequest request,
			HttpServletResponse response) {

		// Clean up thread-local app

       private static void setInstance(TaskManagerApp application) {
		if (currentApplication.get() == null) {

So, after I’ve change this method, everything comeback to work properly:

private static void setInstance(TaskManagerApp application) {