Can't get rid of Table's horizontal scrollbar

I stick to the tables at the moment :wink:

This is my layout: CustomLayout β†’ VerticalLayout β†’ Table

The CustomLayout has a fixed width, the VerticalLayout a sizeFull and the table also a sizeFull.

First i set column headers β†’ all ok,
Second i set column alignment β†’ all ok
Third i set column width with at least 1 column undefined so it can take up the rest of the free space (there IS free space) β†’ a horizontal scrollbar appears.

this scrollbar drives me crazy. is always scrolls only 2 pixels no matter of column count or column widths (there is always enough space).
if i fire up firebug and make the table-body 2 pixels wider the scrollbar disappears.

i’m using vaadin 6.6.0
did i miss something or is it a vaadin bug?


It does sound like a bug - could you please provide a short code snippet that reproduces the problem? (I’m not sure I understood the whole setup correctly, and an example will speed things up if it’s indeed a bug.)

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Do you have border around your table set via CSS? If you do, the horizontal scrollbar can be caused by the border. We had similar scrollbar problem with VerticalLayout / HorizontalLayout in the past and our solutions were either changing the layout into CssLayout and set margin in the v-csslayout-margin so that child div can have border or set the overflow of the VerticalLayout/HorizontalLayout into hidden.

This is a good point - and the reason for making a small stand-alone example that reproduces the issue; if it still bugs in a simple environment w/o customized theme, it’s a bug, and easier to pinpoint.

Let us know when you find out more.

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Good point!
Actually it was not the border but the border-collapse that we used to ensure 1px borders between the cells:

.v-table-table {
	border-collapse: collapse;	

Removing border collapse removes the horizontal scrollbar. Dunno if this is a bug or not.


Thanks Jan

I had exactly the same problem in Vaadin 7 and adding the β€œborder-collape: collapse;” css fixed it. I’m only using Reindeer.TABLE_BORDERLESS style so I guess this style has border collapse built in.