Can't find source code for DataGenerator class from quickstart tutorial

Hi all!
I’m currently doing the quickstart tutorial from youtube.
I downloaded the project starter from the provided link in the description but it seems to be missing the DataGenerator class, which is shown here:
Marcus is quickly scrolling through it but the full width is not visible.
It also seems to be missing on github repo:
Can someone please provide me the source code for this class?

And please let me know if I chose the wrong topic/flow to post this.
Thank you!

PS: The project starter file is missing the whole data package (src/main/java/com/example/application/data), which I copied from the github repo. I also see other guys with the same problem, so I would recommend Vaadin Team to update the project starter with missing content.

This class is not needed. The example has a data.sql file in src/main/resources that contains the initial data

Got it, then I will just go ahead with the tutorial :slightly_smiling_face:
data.sql is also missing from main/resources

Again, I took it from the github repo

Thank you tho there it is

thank you guys