Can't detect what element is used in example.

Hello, all.

i’m newbie in Vaadin framework. Can somebody tell me what element is used for organization selectable menu from the left in this example
is it grid or table? I mean all items under the label “Single components”. Is there any example?

Actually i need a TabSheet but with vertical orientation of tabs, not horizontal.

Sorry for dumb question.


I think the menu is just a VerticalLayout (or CSSLayout) containing NativeButtons. The buttons are then styled using CSS to look like they do. The sources for the ChameleonTheme are available at

If you need a vertical tabsheet then maybe an Accordion (
) will do the job?

Artur, big thank for the quick reply!
Vaadin is amazing framework and i think it would be main instrument in our corporate development.
it’s hard to learn in the begining… :slight_smile:

The Chameleon theme editor uses Henrik’s
DetachedTabs add-on
, which has support for vertical tabs, but plain NativeButtons work nicely as well inside the Chameleon theme sidebar menu.