Can't change font of input elements

Hi all,

I imagine I’m missing something obvious, but I can’t change the font-family of the input elements in my application. I can change the font for the main application and child windows with these:

/* yes, this is ugly on purpose! */
.v-app {
    font-family: fantasy;

.v-window {
    font-family: fantasy;

But I can’t change it for the input elements (text field, select, etc). Is there some way to access all of the fonts at once? I know there’s some issue with older versions of IE, but I’m trying this with the latest Chrome and FF. I’ve tried ‘body,’ ‘body input,’ ‘.v-theme-mytheme,’ even simply applying the style to ‘div,’ and I can’t get the inputs to change. (Though setting something on ‘div’ does affect both the main window and the child windows.)

Even trying text fields explicitly doesn’t work:

.v-textfield {
    font-family: cursive;

How can I change the font across the app? Am using v6.8.2 if it helps.