Cannot compile during creation of new widget set in Eclipse


During the creation of new widget set in Eclipse, i received the ClassNotFoundException, which pointed to WidgetsetCompiler, line 49,

Class<?> compilerClass = Class.forName(“”);

So the way I fixed is by changing the compile configuration to use

Is this a known bug? if not, may someone please file a bug because seems the ecplise plugin is broken.



This is a weird error you are getting unless you are using another version of GWT than 1.7.0 (used automatically by the plugin). The gwt-dev jar contains both (the old one) and (the new one). Both works equally well even though GWTCompiler is deprecated.

I was not able to reproduce the problem. Creating a project and adding a widgetset works just fine for me. If you are able to reproduce it, please
create a ticket

I got same error in mac os x.
I resolved problem compiling by manually and replaced gwt-dev library point to gwt-dev.jar in inside vaadin package.