Cannot add new Addon

Hi all,
this is my first experience with vaadin, I’m trying to add an addon to my project but I can’t reach to display the component. When I load the web page i get the error:

“Widgetset ‘…’ does not contain implementation for ‘…’ . Check it’s component connector’s @Connect mappings, widgetsets GWT module description file and recompile your widgetset. In case…blablabla”

The addon i want to use is this textfield:!addon/suggestfield-add-on

I tried in two ways:

  1. downloaded the .jar file and put it in the WEBINF/lib folder
  2. used the Ivy dependency in the ivy.xml
    after that I recompiled the widgetset with the icon in the Eclipse toolbar. But no way to use the addons.
    please help me, Thank you!


If you are using Ivy then you shouldn’t need to download and copy the jar file to WEB-INF/lib.

You could try going through the steps in

Tomorrow I will create a new project and I will try the ivy way that seems easier…
But my doubt is that when you create a brand new project, the widgetset.XML file is not generated automatically unless you add the @widgetset notification on the UI class…