Cannot access HasPrefix

Hi, i integrated CollaborationEngine Into my project and got this error, how can i fix it?

I think there might be an issue with the version. HasPrefix has been added in Vaadin 24 and it’s not available in Vaadin 23.
Which version are you using?

Im using Vaadin 24.0.0alpha9 , but i copied exact files in project “collaboration”, which has Vaadin 23. How can i fix it?

What’s you pom.xml ? What did you copy?

It seems that the ide didn’t use Vaadin 24 but something else

I probably did it wrongly :smile: but i just copied the files from that project into mine

If it’s only java code then it should be ok. Sometimes the IDE requires a refresh (like maven refresh) after a version bump.

when i do maven refresh it shows this


Its probably glitch with versions but i have no idea