Can we have maximize button for Dialog ?

in Dialog:
Can we have maximize/minimize button for Dialog ?

Afaik there is an open issue on github about it. For now you need to add your own close button to the header layout


        var dialog = new Dialog();

        var closeButton = new Button(VaadinIcon.CLOSE_BIG.create(), event -> dialog.close());

        dialog.add(new TextField("TextField"));;


There is no already made button, you need to code it. If the dialog can’t be resized it’s fairly easy (you can change the theme of the dialog).
With this kind of css:

vaadin-dialog-overlay[theme~='dialog--mini']::part(overlay) {
    width: 50%;
vaadin-dialog-overlay[theme~='dialog--maxi']::part(overlay) {
    width: 98%;

If you want to be able to resize/move the dialog and keep the previous settings, it’s harder.
(And to put the mini/maxi button you can see the code for the close button.

One follow up questions @faithful-emu
for vaadin-dialog-overlay it is dialog-mini or dialog-maxi, for other component it is something else, there must be hundreds of these selectors!

Where can I find comprehensive list of style elements, selectors etc for all the Vaadin v24 (hilla) components?

Dialog-mini is not in Vaadin, it’s just a custom theme to do what you want.

You have a documentation for styling here: Styling | Dialog | Components | Vaadin Docs