Can we bind into nested object models?

Hi, I have a React form and I am trying to figure out how to bind into a property on a nested ObjectModel (as in: ‘’). I have two simple models generated: FamilyRecordModel and AlbumRecordModel.

`class FamilyRecordModel extends ObjectModel_1 {
static override createEmptyValue = makeObjectEmptyValueCreator_1(FamilyRecordModel);
get id(): StringModel_1 { //}
get name(): StringModel_1 { // }

class AlbumRecordModel extends ObjectModel_1 {
static override createEmptyValue = makeObjectEmptyValueCreator_1(AlbumRecordModel);
get id(): StringModel_1 { // }
get family(): FamilyRecordModel_1 { // }
get name(): StringModel_1 { // }

I have some components which essentially do the following:

const form = useForm(AlbumRecordModel); const formPart = useFormPart(; // <<< PROBLEM HERE

This produces an error:
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'id') at get defaultValue [as defaultValue] (chunk-2JENQHCM.js?v=507ad0ed:1007:14)

Which is:
get defaultValue() { const e = this.model[M], t2 = this.parent.defaultValue; if (__privateMethod(this, _s, s_fn).call(this) && !(e in t2)) { if (m3.has(this.parent)) return m3.get(this.parent); const r2 = this.model.constructor.createEmptyValue(); return m3.set(this.parent, r2), r2; } return t2[e]; // <<< PROBLEM HERE t2=undefined, e="id" }
Am I do something wrong? Or is there a more advisable approach?

Thanks in advance!