Can Vaadin do the same as the JasperReports?


I am a noobie software developer and I found out Vaadin just recently. Now I am very interested in using Vaadin and I am trying to find reasons for my employer to start using Vaadin too. At the moment I am reading the Book of Vaadin and I will start learning Vaadin on my own at some point.

I am new to Vaadin and I have only heard the word JasperReports. I know we will be needing a reporting tool for our next project.
My question is can Vaadin do the same as JasperReports? I have checked out the Vaadin Pro Tools and Vaadin Charts but I don’t know if they can be used producing reports like JasperReports.

Thoughts of any other Pros and Cons that should be considered in general are also welcome.

What exactly do you need from JasperReports? Generate reports as PDF’s? If that is the need then you can have Jasper to do that for you and show them in your UI, embedded into the views or available as downloads. You can use anything that runs on Java when creating a Vaadin app.

If you actually want to generate graphs and tables and whatnot directly in the view, then I think you should share more details on what the actual requirement (for using JasperReports) is.

The problem is I don’t know anything about JasperReports or what kind of reports we want. I think we want to generate reports as PDFs. I am curious of Vaadin’s capabilities and I was impressed by!/reports and I thought if we didn’t need JasperReports at all. JasperReport demo video at looks a lot like Vaadin charts.
So my question is if using JasperReports in Vaadin application is recommended or would it be easy to get similar functionality using Vaadin’s own tools?

If it is mostly to show on screen then I would definitely go with Vaadin Charts. Much nicer to have it as part of the page instead of an A4 PDF just plastered on top. You also get a little bit of interacting with the charts, like highlighting. Charts can be also exported to PDF’s if downloads are needed. Other info you can do shown with tables and whatnot - that depends a bit on what kind of data we are talking about.

If it is solely for PDF and no-one wants to see them on the UI, then probably Jasper would be better, as you can design it directly and layout it according to a printed paper. Quicktickets however shows that it is possible to do it with Charts aswell.

I just understood that Jasper is not only for PDF purposes - it can also produce charts to embed on web pages. In that area Vaadin Charts is definitely easier as it is part of the Vaadin ecosystem.