Can Vaadin designer be inspired by a Wordpress plugin ? :)

Hi Marc and Vaadin team also community;

Firstly , Thanks to the team that bringing this awesome tool into the Java EE world.
Secondly i will list my ideas and do the proposal.

  • a designer can be used by frontend guys or any designers. I know all Vaadin team is backend guy minded but you have to think also seperate teams and project type.
  • I could not find enough “how to do” resources with designer. It is not easy to use drag&drop features for all elements. It is diffucult to understand layout, actually i dont like to deal with layout, can we make it in visualize way?

  • a designer can generate mapping files XML,HTML,Java,Css
  • Vaadin Designer can create HTML and associated Java Class for that designs but CSS should be handled seperately. Can Css be handled also in a visualize way?


So if Vaadin vision is simplifying the development and UI things then why we are making things diffucult. Why do i have to still incharge with layout or css and why Vaadin is not generating that Css for us?
Before replying to this thread please have a look this youtoube video about making a UI design in wordpress.

Vaadin team can make such a tools for dummies like me ? :slight_smile: the life will be more easy