Can touchkit read device information?

Can anyone tell me if touchkit is capable of reading hardware information from tablets and phones or is it’s ability limited to reading browser information only? I know it is capable of reading GPS coordinates but is there anything else that it can read or can it be extended easily to read this type of information?

What I am trying to do is register trusted devices with account information to strengthen the authentication process so I am looking to read a serial number, CPU identifier, mac address or something else uniquely identifiable from the device at each login to verify that it is a trusted device.


I’m afraid web apps can’t access those details. And from what I have followed, the direction is the same in native apps as well. Persistent cookie with some random value is the closest thing I can come up with.

But as I see you are trying to achieve some security, I’d really suggest not to re-invent the wheel. It is very easy to do things wrong when it comes to security stuff. Give all your users an SSL client certificate.


Yes, I think a client certificate will work just fine. Thanks Matti.